of dogs and diabetes

Last week we all learned a bit about how to recognize signs of hypoglycemia (that’s low blood sugar for anyone who was not paying attention).

This week, we learn about an elusive super-creature who doesn’t need to read silly words to learn when his friend might be in trouble:
The canine glucometer.
The blood-sugar-hound.
A [diabetic] man’s best friend.

Just when a British type 1 diabetic named Cherry (not to be confused with the infamous Cherry who was locked in a freezer playing hide and seek) thought his uncontrollable diabetes and inability to feel rapidly dropping blood glucose would be the end of him*, in came dundundun Zeta the diabetic hypo-alert dog, to the rescue!

Sure, there are continuous glucose monitoring systems (essentially glucose meters that stay under your skin and give readings) that can tell you if your sugar’s heading south, but they just beep or vibrate. They don’t lick your face or pant beside you or show serious concern in their little faces. So, if Cherry is dangerously close to passing out from low blood sugar, his pup can sense it, and before said passing out and possibly coma occurs, he’s warned. But he’s lovingly warned.

The Cancer and Bio-Detection Dogs research center is in Aylesbury, England, and they train dogs like the one pictured here, presumably all adorned with multicolored hair clips. photo credit: Hypo Alert Dogs

Dude, these dogs can even detect cancer…sometimes. Now, if only this talent extended into the feline community, I’d be quite a content diabetic.

*figure of speech, sort of.
(Thanks, redOrbit, for introducing me to the betes-dog.)


2 responses to “of dogs and diabetes

  1. Can you get that dog to bite Mike’s cat Scratch. He’s got diabetes, and he is too old to care about being bothered about anything anymore.

  2. Oh Cherry, I loved Punky Brewster. And that dog should only come with hair clips.

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