up down left right b(lood glucose) start

Way back in the day (1993 to be exact), when I was in third grade, the diabetic girl in the class used a glucose monitor that fit snugly in its zipper case; and the case was the size of a laptop bag. She squeezed what seemed at the time like a pint of blood from her index finger and stood patiently, waiting as the machine to registered, for what seemed like five full minutes.

Today’s third graders? Soon they’ll be able to check their blood sugars with a video game. They earn points for good readings. Open levels for testing regularly. Like a special island in MarioWorld that’s just for diabetics. I’m imagining pump tubing instead of green tubes, syringes instead of gold coins, and donuts & candy blasting forth from the weapons of the bad, high blood sugar guys…but I’m sure that’s totally off.

They (Bayer HealthCare) call it the Didget. It’s for the NintendoDS and it’s making diabetes kid-cool. Didget!


2 responses to “up down left right b(lood glucose) start

  1. who was the 3rd grade girl!?

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