when the diabetes doesn’t make sense (a poem)

My rune of pancreatic confusion (Based on a true story.)

I simply ate toast
sugar, sky high;
Devoured a doughnut
blood glucose low
warning, eat more sugar;
I exercised
on an exercise bike
pump alarm (alarm!):
check for occlusion, BG too high;
Unpredictable, erratic,
rollercoaster (one that goes fast, and upside-down);

Dramatic recitation and/or interpretive dancing based on poem will occur following readers’ requests.


2 responses to “when the diabetes doesn’t make sense (a poem)

  1. I think there probably needs to be bongo drums and well placed dramatic lighting.

    I’m so glad you are writing again! I made my fiance read your last post and all of my “look! that’s about ME!”s just sort of got me raised eyebrows and “Uh, that’s great, honey.”

    *sigh* You don’t understand the betes bond unless you got the betes.

    Though he did want to know when I’d get my very own insulinasaurus…

  2. Consider this an official request for the interpretive dance version.

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