feeling like a human pin cushion

It’s probably a common feeling among diabetics, but really: it’s ridiculous feeling like you’re in a cartoon and the next time you take a sip of water you’ll just start leaking from little holes all over your midsection.

The quick story: My stomach is starting to hate me for jabbing it with insulin pump insertion sets so much. It’s growing some tough tissue and thwarting every cannula I try to insert, bending it in half with its mighty power so that no insulin can be delivered. That means super high blood sugars and a constantly cranky me.

Even the new fancy kind I’m trying (the mio) that automatically jabs the cannula under your skin when you press on the sides is no match for my [physically, not metaphorically] thick skin.

If six years on the pump causes this much grief and body rebellion, I’m a bit nervous about the future.

Can some please find a cure already? Gosh.


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