the gist

I’m a: type 1 diabetic, writer, New England girl (Boston by way of Maine), music fiend, grammar freak, board game lover, media/pop culture obsessor, vegetarian, geek. I can’t cook, am a sucker for bad horror movies, and laugh a bit too hard at cat videos & pictures.

And I own a custom majestic wolf sweatshirt. Rock.

And I own a custom majestic wolf sweatshirt.


5 responses to “the gist

  1. Congrats on your; it looks great. I’m looking forward to reading your posts.

    If you’re interested in bad horror movies, you might also be interested in Sam Raimi’s (who directed Evil Dead and the Spiderman movies) new comedy/horror flick, “Drag Me to Hell.” It is supposed to be great (New York Times Critic’s Pick) and is playing at a few theaters around Boston, including the Common Loew’s.

  2. Jesse Scardina

    Hi alyceamo, i miss you and this blog is very cool
    i wanna read more
    see you soon?

  3. Alyce,

    Hang in there and pray for a cure. If I could have a baby when they told me there could be serious complications then anything is possible. Actually when I was pregnant my blood sugars were better than ever before. We should chat because I always seem to have extra pump supplies and I mean always. My insurance covers them 100%. And yes you can have that bagel your blood sugars just might not love you for a few hours. Think of all the days at DQ, and we both survived. Miss you. Leah

  4. Hey Lycee,
    love the new blog.. can’t wait to read more.. lots of love and hugs! AL 🙂

  5. this is a great resource for everybody! i want to learn! i want to learn! thanks for putting this up!

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